Xinyao “Xin” Zhang, M.A.

Clinical Psychology Extern

Xin (He/Him) is a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology and a university graduate research fellow at the University of Utah. Xin has helped clients and couples who came with various concerns, such as interpersonal issues, relationship issues, family issues, loss/grief, anxiety, depression, loneliness, adjustment issues, stress management, mood management, etc. He applies an integrative approach to his clinical work, drawing wisdom from psychodynamic, interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, dialectical-behavioral, and other theories. He believes in the therapeutic value of emotions and relationships, and the importance of tailoring his approach to meet clients’ preferences and needs.

Xin’s research interests include understanding how change occurs within session and across sessions, and ultimately, how it informs psychotherapy integration. He came from Sichuan, China and has been in the US for about half of his life. When he is not working, he enjoys reading, playing video games, hiking, and is now taking advantage of being a Utahn and learning to ski.