Consulting Services

The advancement of high quality, evidence-based treatments is central to UCEBT’s mission. We are committed to helping agencies find creative solutions for the delivery of these interventions in complex, healthcare settings. UCEBT Program Directors offer clinical and organizational consultation, development of staff and administrator trainings, as well as invited talks.

UCEBT has provided consultation and professional training for:

Huntsman Mental Health Institute (formerly UNI)

Huntsman Cancer Institute
Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital
International Rescue Committee
Jordan School District
Salt Lake City Public Library
University of Utah Hospital
Utah Department of Child and Family Services
Utah Psychological Association
Utah Women in Law Enforcement
Veterans Health Administration

Consultation and training has included the following topics:

We also regularly present Continuing Education events for mental health professionals.

A list of our most recent CE events can be found HERE.

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Assessment and Testing Consultation

Assessment and Testing consultation can be a valuable resource for psychologists and mental health providers in the community. You may benefit from consultation if:  

  • You are a psychologist who is starting to implement a testing service or looking to diversity their practice to include testing, and you want support in best practices for test administration, case conceptualization, and report-writing.  
  • You are a therapist or prescriber and believe your client may benefit from a psychological evaluation for diagnostic clarification, and you want to discuss how assessment and testing can support your treatment.  

Common topics of consultation include: 

  • Appropriateness of fit for testing 
  • Developing a targeted testing battery for the referral question 
  • Interpreting complex data 
  • Integrating testing data to provide comprehensive case conceptualization 
  • Writing thorough, yet accessible reports for varying audiences 
  • Providing targeted recommendations for individual client needs 
  • Accuracy of diagnosis 

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