Psycho-Educational Evaluations

What's the difference between Psychoeducational Evaluations at UCEBT vs. through the school district?

  1. The primary focus of the school district’s evaluation is to determine eligibility for special education services.  The data obtained through these evaluations is used by a school-based team to determine eligibility for special education services as defined by federal law. 
  2. A psychoeducational evaluation offered through the school district is considered an “educational classification” and not a medical diagnosis.
  3. Psychoeducational evaluations through UCEBT determine specific clinical diagnoses. 
  4. Psychoeducational evaluations at UCEBT go beyond the scope of academic skills and examine other areas that may be impacting academic functioning.   
  5. Evaluations conducted by UCEBT include recommendations and referrals for services that are both relevant to you or your child’s academic needs and related to other resources that may be helpful.

Testing for college students

Colleges and Universities may request updated testing that may not have been completed during the client’s high school years. UCEBT is happy to provide clients with evaluations of their current needs prior to and during the client’s college or university years. 

Using UCEBT's evaluations in school

Diagnoses and intervention recommendations can be used by a school-based team to determine eligibility for special education services or a 504 plan. Your assessment clinician at UCEBT can coordinate with school officials to develop education plans based on results of testing. 

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