Effective, Supportive, Science-Based, and Collaborative

Our mission

The unique mission of UCEBT is to improve the quality of mental health care by enhancing access to comprehensive evidence-based treatments, evaluations, and testing.  

We strive to uphold our mission by providing exceptional clinical care and disseminating quality standards via training, research, and provision of expert consultation.  

We are dedicated to supporting our staff in pursuit of sustainable and reflective practice over the lifetime of their careers by providing a flexible and collaborative work environment from which to grow.    

Our unique center and services


We are committed to excellence in assessment & provision of psychological services

We believe that in order to provide quality treatment, it is essential to collaborate with our clients to assess progress and adapt the treatment responsively. Our clinical team integrates research and therapy. As such, we use multiple methods of assessment before, during, and following treatment.

We are trained in a variety of evidence-based psychotherapies for many different clinical conditions including:

    • anxiety
    • depression
    • self-injury
    • personality disorders
    • physical health concerns
    • anger
    • post-traumatic stress disorder
    • and many other problems in living.

We take a strengths-based approach, capitalizing on the unique abilities of our clients to maximize improvement and help clients to reach their goals.