Giftedness and High Stakes Testing

As part of our Assessment and Testing Services, UCEBT offers Giftedness and High Stakes Testing. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding these services:

Do you offer IQ testing for giftedness evaluations?  

Yes. UCEBT's psychoeducational evaluations can be used to identify intellectual giftedness. Many parents explore giftedness testing to see if their child is eligible for specialized gifted programs or schools. Here are some things to consider if giftedness assessment is right for your child: 

  • Giftedness assessment includes standardized cognitive testing (IQ testing) as a component of a comprehensive evaluation 
  • Giftedness assessment also includes parent and teacher reports, observations, academic achievement testing, and assessment of child’s strengths, learning style, and educational needs 
  • Giftedness assessment provides recommendations for educational and enrichment resources to help each child meet their unique potential  

Do you offer services for twice exceptional (2e) individuals?  

Yes. UCEBT evaluations can determine whether individuals are twice exceptional, meaning that they are intellectually gifted and also have a learning disability or other forms of neurodivergence, such as autism or ADHD. Twice exceptionality requires specialized training in understanding the complex presentations of strengths and weaknesses and providing tailored recommendations for education and intervention planning.  

Do you offer assessment for individuals seeking high stakes testing accommodations?  

Yes. UCEBT evaluations can provide data and documentation needed to apply for accommodations on high stakes tests. High stakes tests include standardized exams such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, MCT, etc. Individuals with documented learning disabilities that have had accommodations in school at times require updated testing to support standardized test accommodations, such as extended time. UCEBT recommendations for accommodations to do not guarantee that they will be provided by the testing officials. It is advised that individuals seeking such accommodations familiarize themselves with the requirements for specific tests. More information can be found at the following links:  

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