We believe in aligning our selves and our practice with these collective values:


  • Everyone is doing the best they can 
  • Taking a nonjudgmental stance with ourselves and our clients 
  • Shared humanity 
  • Connection 
  • Self-compassion and self-care 


  • We all contribute in different ways 
  • Supporting each other benefits all 
  • Individual growth allows us to show up for others and contribute in meaningful ways 
  • We each also receive care 


  • Openness to receiving feedback 
  • Direct communication 
  • Communication flows through various roles in the company 
  • Everyone has a voice and should be heard 

Cultural Consciousness 

  • LGBTQ+ allyship and affirmative care
  • Anti-racism in ourselves and the larger community 
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion 
  • Reducing barriers and increasing access to services 
  • Understanding behavior in context 


  • Balance center needs with personal needs 
  • Groundedness- a place to anchor and flex from 
  • Limits and boundaries 
  • Risk vs. Security  
  • Priorities will shift at various times 
  • No one is perfect