Our Process for Beginning Treatment

Our process for starting treatment is designed to help you find the right match in terms of both therapist and treatment program.

      * If you are an existing UCEBT client who is seeking additional services with us, please complete this form instead.

Step 1: Complete Our Online Questionnaire

This secure form will allow us to learn about you, your treatment preferences and alert our Client Coordinator of your interest. After you complete the questionnaire if at any point you find yourself in need of urgent mental health support, pdfhere is a list of community MH Crisis resources. If you would prefer to provide your information over the phone instead, please contact our Client Care Manager at 801.419.0139 option 2.

Step 2: Client Care Phone Call

After you complete your online questionnaire, you will be contacted by our Client Care Coordinator for an initial phone call. This initial phone call will take 5-10 minutes, depending on the number of questions you have. During that call, we will provide you with an overview of the services we provide, including fees and payment. We will also describe the purpose and limits of our initial assessment and provide referrals to other therapists if you are interested in other options or not a fit for our services. We will review your initial questionnaire and this information will be discussed in our interdisciplinary treatment team meeting where you will be personally matched with a provider for the initial intake assessment.

Step 3: Optional Free Consultation

Because choosing a therapist is a very important decision, we also offer free consultations as an opportunity for you to come to our facility, learn more about our treatment programs, and decide whether to schedule an initial assessment. The free consultation does not obligate you to therapy; it is simply part of making an informed decision. We believe that informed decision making improves the likelihood that therapy will succeed, even if you don't choose our services. The free consultation is optional and you do not need to complete the free consultation in order to start treatment at UCEBT. If there are other people involved in your decision (a spouse, friend, parent, or other family members) they are welcome, but not required, to attend this appointment. Free consultation lasts 30 minutes.

UCEBT Begining Treatment

Step 4: Comprehensive Intake Assessment

The intake assessment will take about 2 hours. You decide when you are ready to schedule an initial assessment. Some clients decide to schedule the assessment during the initial phone call. Importantly, the initial assessment also does not obligate you to treatment. Your assessment will result in a thorough diagnostic report and recommendations, which you can take to other providers if you so choose.

As an evidence based practice, we believe that the initial assessment is the foundation of effective therapy. This meeting is "all business" and may not feel as enjoyable as future therapy sessions. You will spend about 30 minutes completing pre-assessment paperwork. In your paperwork and your intake interview, you will answer many questions about potential difficulties and strengths. We move through the questions quickly and cover a lot of ground. Most clients describe our initial assessment as being very different from that of previous therapists--ours is less conversational. This style of intake allows us to identify your concerns more quickly and begin your treatment protocol sooner in therapy, usually by the first or second session. After your initial assessment is completed, the intake team will evaluate your questionnaire and in-person data to determine the best course of treatment.

Step 5: Beginning Therapy

In your first session, we will discuss your assessment results, describe the available treatment protocol(s), refer you to the scientific literature for your treatment, describe the typical treatment duration and the range around that duration, answer your questions, and schedule your first four therapy appointments. We will also introduce elements of the therapy we are recommending. Your first session will typically last 90 minutes. Subsequent session length will depend upon the specific treatment for your presenting problems. Most cognitive behavior therapies require weekly 50 minute sessions.

Step 6: Committing to the Work

Most people take a few weeks to decide if therapy is right for them. Our clients often have many competing demands for their time or have varying experiences with prior therapists. We are aware that you are evaluating us and that you may decide not to pursue therapy in our clinic. We invite you to work with us for 4-6 weeks before you decide. Therapy is a lot like going to a personal trainer. The work is not always comfortable, but the results are worth the effort. Within the first 4-6 weeks, you should have a sense of whether the therapy matches your goals and if your therapist is a collaborative guide in helping you reach those goals.

Step 7: Make an Informed Decision

We want you to make an informed decision about your treatment. You should select your treatment setting carefully and consider all options available in the community, each of which have benefits and drawbacks. We respect your ability to make a business decision about therapy. Therapy is an investment in your future, and we want you to choose wisely.