January 17, 2019

New Stress Reduction App for Law Enforcement

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It’s no breaking news that most people across the globe have limited access to mental health resources. Thankfully, the tech world helps fill in some of the gaps with app-based means of accessing information and support. Blue Life Behavioral health, a company dedicated to using science-grounded research to provide behavioral health services, have a newly developed app of their own which offers a handy toolkit geared toward Police. After downloading this free app, I discovered that it has a user-friendly interface and a wealth of information that is beneficial even to individuals who don’t work in law enforcement. A host of sound clip exercises are included within this app and are designed to help reduce stress, reduce emotional reactivity, increase situational awareness and sharpen mental clarity. The developers also made sure to include suicide prevention risk factor information and safety planning resources-complete with crisis line phone numbers. Law-enforcement and non-law-enforcement alike are encouraged to check it out or tell a friend.

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