May 17, 2019

Looking For Ways To Get Involved?

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UCEBT is collecting donations for a local women's domestic violence shelter. Your donations are essential for keeping shelters in full operation. Any given night there are more than 200 women and children who have found safety there and your generosity can provide needed aid to the women and children served. Items can be dropped off with our front desk or placed in the items basket in our waiting room. We thank you for your contribution! 

Items the shelter is looking for include the following:

  • Size 5 & 6 diapers
  • Socks of all sizes for toddlers and children (NEW only)
  • Size 2 T – 16 girls and boys shorts (NEW only)
  • Size 2 T – 16 girls and boys tops (NEW only)
  • Strollers (NEW only)
  • Infant car carriers with handles (NEW only)
  • Backpack purses for women & teens (NEW only)
  • Sandals all sizes for women, teens & children (NEW only)
  • Athletic Shoes for women, teens & children (all sizes NEW only)
  • Short sleeve and sleeveless women’s tops & blouses (all sizes NEW only)
  • Women’s shorts & capris (all sizes NEW only)
  • Bath towels & bath mat sets (NEW only)
  • Women’s pajamas (NEW only)
  • Pots & pans set (NEW only)
  • Women’s athletic shoes (NEW only)
  • Children’s athletic shoes (NEW only)
  • Suit cases (NEW only or very gently used, all sizes)
  • Twin & full sized sheets and comforter sets (NEW only)
  • Twin & full sized pillows (NEW only)
  • Alarm clocks (NEW only)
  • Vacuums (NEW only)
  • Cell phone chargers (both android and iPhone)
  • Movie gift cards
  • Gift cards to Target, Walmart, and Smith’s
  • Maternity clothing (NEW only)
  • Underwear (all sizes toddler through adult, NEW only)
  • Reusable grocery tote bags
  • Lice treatment kits (NEW only)
  • Baby Bottles & Baby Bottle Products (NEW only)
  • Household goods (NEW only)
  • Toiletries and personal care items (NEW only - toothbrushes, toothpaste, beauty products, deoderant, etc.)