January 29, 2019

ACT Mindfully: A Mindfulness and Acceptance Based Therapy Group for Kids

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Building resilience skills for coping with stress & anxiety in a group setting, ACT Mindfully is an 8-week group therapy program to help your child build their ‘toolbox’ with powerful & practical strategies to excel with friends, at school, & at home. This group will also help your child: 

  • Learn fun, evidence based tools to manage thoughts, feelings, & behaviors
  • Explore what is important & valued to them
  • Move towards a rich, healthy, & meaningful life
  • Learn Mindfulness to improve their quality of life

Date and Time: Mondays 3:45 pm - 5pm beginning March 4th
Location: UCEBT Office - 164 S 900 E SLC, UT 84102
Ages: 4th-6th grade (Ages 9-12)
Cost: $25 per group session

If you are interested in signing your child up for this group, please reach out by phone at (801) 419-0139 and mention our ACT Mindfully group to schedule a brief screening.