Tommy Lee, B.S.

Front Desk Manager & Administrative Assistant
Admin Clinical Team Rep - A&M

Tommy graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor's in Psychology, with a strong focus and interest in social/behavioral psychology and personality disorders.  He's in hopes to pursue a master's degree in psychology to help facilitate his future in doing D&D therapy.  Outside of work, Tommy is a massive geek who loves to play games of all sorts, watch some good shows, write some fiction, and enjoy some great food with a sprinkle of exercise here and there.  Tommy was committed, by his friends, to Dungeon Master 3 different D&D groups and is not short on any stories.  His ultimate goal and dream in life is to become a successful author and writer who can invoke memories and discussion with his stories.

Tommy is also the Administrative Clinical Team Representative (ACTR) for UCEBT's Anxiety & Mood (A&M) Program.