Robert Vlisides-Henry, M.S.

Clinical Psychology Extern 

 Robert (Robby) Vlisides-Henry is a 4th-year Clinical Psychology Ph.D. student at the University of Utah. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Biology from Hope College (Holland, MI) and his Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Utah. His research interests center around the effects and measurement of emotion dysregulation across major lifespan transitions, especially pregnancy and puberty, and methodological best practices. Clinically, he is interested in using evidence-based cognitive-behavioral treatments for emotional and behavioral dysregulation, anxiety disorders, and depression among children, adolescents, adults, and families. In his clinical experience thus far, he has administered comprehensive psychological and neurocognitive assessments for both youths at the Utah State Hospital and young adults at the University of Utah Counseling Center. He also has experience providing cognitive-behavioral therapy for both youth and adults.